Malty Mission

A continuing mission to explore, discover, enjoy and share the water of life

About me

Menno was born in 1979 in Antwerp, Belgium and started enjoying the occasional whisky some 18 years later. It's safe to say, things got a bit out of hand since then. I use this blog for reviews, opinions, whisky-related news and the occasional banter. If I'm not enjoying whisky, chances are I'll be occupied by my 2 daughters or playing the drums - doing these 3 things simultaneously has proven to be quite difficult.

Useful information on how I rate my drams:

0-50 points: rubbish and disgusting

51-60 points: still nowhere near anything decent

61-69 points: drinkable, just. Might go in a hot toddy or an easy drinking summer cocktail

70-74 points: can be enjoyed, but probably won't be buying a second one

75-79 points: we're getting somewhere, this is not too shabby

80-84 points: good stuff. Not to say spectacular, but more than decent

85-89 points: ticking off all the right boxes! Very good indeed!

90-94 points: wow! Amazing! Shut up and take my money!

95-99 points: surely I've died and gone to whisky heaven!

100 points: there is no such whisky and if there is, I 'll sell a kidney for it. Or two... Slainte